Who We Are

Hoot Family Farm is owned and operated by Robert & Kelly Hoot. Robert and Kelly are Maine State Registered Caregivers licensed by DHHS.

Robert & Kelly were high school sweethearts in Vermont. Their love and passion for the great outdoors is what brought them together. They moved to Maine in 2001 and tied the knot later in 2008.

Robert has always been at the forefront of medical cannabis as it has been a lifelong dream to provide people with an alternative to chemically composed pharmaceuticals. Kelly shares a similar interest in healing with alternative options and has an educational background in Biotechnology.

How We Grow

We are proud to say we operate our growing facility like a laboratory. We use state of the art equipment in our climate controlled rooms. We use only organic nutrients and methods of growing. We adhere to strict guidelines for our growing operation to ensure top notch quality control and assurance.

Hoot Family Farm Goals

  • Our primary goal is to obtain our MOFGA certification. While we use only organic nutrients and growing methods, we are making it our mission to be one of the very few MOFGA certified medical growing facilities in the State of Maine.
  • Maintain compliance with state and town laws as they evolve.
  • We hope to enter the recreational market with a storefront location.